Collection: NICU Picks

All babies need tender-loving care and NICU babies need it even more. While advocating for these fragile little ones, nurses have come to the realization that all skin care products should not only be non-toxic, but also incredibly gentle. After extensive vetting, the below NICU Picks have become part of a Diaper Dermatitis Protocol designed by nurses to support the wellbeing of these babies. This protocol has been used successfully in hospitals across the country for over 8 years and its popularity continues to grow. It includes Earth Mama's organic castile soaps to softly cleanse, diaper cream to help prevent diaper dermatitis, nipple cream to help moisturize and protect delicate skin, and baby oil for infant massage. Every ingredient is fully researched and purposeful, so families and nurses don't have to worry about anything that could harm or irritate, and can focus on getting these sons and daughters home. We're so happy to be part of their support system in this way!